Koh Kuh Nut is South East Asia’s premier all-natural foods brand, which hand-makes a range of coconut butters in Ubud, Bali. Their mission is “Global health, one spoon at a time”, and their three pillars are “Healthy: Delicious: Sharing”.

Coconut butter is the ground down flesh of coconuts into a spread, similar to other nut butters such as peanut, almond or cashew and is being touted as a new super-food.

Koh Kuh Nut’s butters have more health benefits than coconut oil and a better, more delicious taste. It is a good option for those who may be allergic to traditional nut butters. It is economically priced compared to other nut butters and it’s made from local ingredients sourced within Indonesia, so it’s environmentally sustainable with a low carbon footprint.

Koh Kuh Nut has no artificial flavors, preservatives or chemicals, making it safe for you and your family to eat, and its good for anyone, including kids, the elderly, yogis, surfers and athletes, and a fantastic gift to take home for friends or family. All three flavors of butter can be eaten straight from the spoon or in a variety of ways.


“Pure” is smoothly blended coconut flesh that has a clean, very coconutty, naturally sweet taste. It is the most versatile butter that has never ending uses! Try using it to bulletproof coffee or tea or blend into savory dishes for a taste of the tropics. Add it to your favorite snack for more power, like your energy balls, or ice/ frost your cakes with it. Yummm.

“Toastie” is finely toasted coconut with a deep highly aromatic flavor like traditional nut butter but provides an amazing alternative substitution for those who may be allergic. Peanut butter but better! It goes beautifully with fruits, in a vegetable gado-gado as the sauce, in smoothie bowls and on your pancakes.

“Cacao” is their own secret recipe developed to incorporate the great taste of coconuts, combined with the rich decadence of chocolate. A luxurious spread which is a favorite of all, especially children. Described as “better than Nutella” by @ubudhood, it’s a guilt-free option for those craving chocolate.

Sales of Koh Kuh Nut began on Christmas Eve 2016 in Wayan’s Coconut Juice Bar, Ubud and in just nine months Koh Kuh Nut’s vendors have expanded to over 30 outlets throughout Bali, testament to the enormous popularity of the product. From their humble beginnings in Ubud, Koh Kuh Nut is now available on Java, in Jakarta, Surabaya and coming soon to Bandung. After Indonesia Koh Kuh Nut plans to reach out to the other ASEAN countries and already has interest in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand.

Koh Kuh Nut is currently available in major stores and health food shops such as Bali Buda, Club Sehat and Coconut Warung. For lazier shoppers it is online at Bali Direct, Canggu Shop and Compass Fresh. It is also being used in breakfast dishes on the menu at Mudra Café in Ubud.

For a full list of stockists you can visit their Facebook page @kohkuhnut, and to see the myriad of ways in which Koh Kuh Nut’s butters can be used do visit their visually delightful Instagram page @kohkuhnut.

Koh Kuh Nut plans to release a new product next month, so like and follow them on both Facebook and Instagram to see what they are up to. No doubt it will be healthy and delicious!





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