Indulge in one of the most interesting dining experience at Cuca Restaurant. Opened in 2013, Cuca Restaurant was created by chef and restaurateur Kevin Cherkas and Virginia Entizne who teamed up devotedly craft Cuca serving up their signature cuisine made only from the best and freshest local ingredients thoughtfully curated from artisanal producers in Indonesia.

With a focus on sourcing premium ingredients as well as offering a wide range of food styles to choose from, Cuca itself has established and recognized itself as one of South-East Asia’s celebrated foodie destination and a must place to visit while in Jimbaran, Bali.

Not only offering magnificent menu of tapas, cocktails and desserts but their ample of spaces giving the ambiance of an interactive and exciting food bar, a relaxed, intimate dining room and a chilled out cocktail bar and garden lounge that will satisfy not only your belly but your body and mind will be rejuvenated and refreshed after visiting this place.

Tapas: sharing bites.

Cuca’s ‘world tapas’ come in distinctive western categories that embrace the best and freshest local ingredients. Available at any time of the day, they are designed to be shared as food is always tastier when enjoyed in good company.

Cocktails: blended concoctions.

Cuca’s signature cocktails are as thoughtful and unique as the food: exciting, refreshing and playful. Guests can expect a memorable encounter with the true balance of flavor in each sip.

Desserts: sweet cravings.

A celebration of life, Cuca’s desserts are rather light, mildly sweet, but still heavily delicious. A well- crafted range of flavors enjoyable at any time and for any excuse whatsoever. The selection of new sweet classics will definitely give guests one guiltier reason to come back for more.

Apart from offering the tastiest cuisines, Cuca devoted to provide the perfect setting to live treasured experiences that would make Cuca the best place to be whoever the company and whatever the mood from an interactive and exciting space of food bar where this beautiful wooden chairs run along one impressive 8-meter-long teak counter, an intimate space amid floating curtains provide casual privacy while still conveying the mood of natural surroundings of their coconut grove to the most-chilled-out cocktail bar and garden lounge space within the undisturbed towers of coconut trees that is gently touched by the ocean breezes and is the perfect place to let the hours pass by while sipping well-crafted cocktails, tapas and distinctive desserts.



Jl. Yoga Perkanthi, Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia


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